On-Site Lunches

How does it work?
We set up a table with soup warmers and serve hot soup, as well as our cold sandwiches, cookies and salads. Typically, companies coordinate with us to offer this service on a set day each week. On these days, employees have the option to buy their lunch in their own building without waiting for lunch service elsewhere or braving the cold outdoors during the winter months!

Who is it for?
Successful sites usually have a minimum of 300 employees with no other food vendors onsite. The dates and times are predetermined and communicated to the employees in advance, so they know when we’ll be there and what we’re bringing. We try to work around your scheduling needs.

How can I start?
If you would like more information, please email us or contact Dave at 414-727-8462.


Sell our Soups at Your Restaurant or Cafe!
The Soup Market offers all of its soups at very competitive wholesale prices to restaurants. We are state licensed by the Department of Agriculture for distribution in Wisconsin, with all but the seafood soups available by the gallon. Offering our soups is incredibly easy. We give them to you freshly refrigerated with a ten day shelf life; they only need to be heated and sold.

Call Dave (414-727-8462) for soup availability and more information, or contact us another way.